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Textbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - E-Book

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9788131239872

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Textbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - E-Book

By Chandrakant Kokate and Pramod H.J

350 pages
Copyright 2011
$8.95, Online Product, Reference



Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Historical Perspectives and Milestones

CHAPTER 2: Immunology and Immunological Preparations

CHAPTER 3: Environmental Biotechnology

CHAPTER 4: Proteins and Proteomics

CHAPTER 5: Animal Cell and Tissue Biotechnology

CHAPTER 6: Medicinal Plant Biotechnology

CHAPTER 7: Microbial Culture and Fermentation Process

CHAPTER 8: Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology

CHAPTER 9: Recombinant DNA Technology

CHAPTER 10: Microbial Transformation

CHAPTER 11: Hybridoma Technology and Monoclonal Antibodies

CHAPTER 12: Antibiotics

CHAPTER 13: Genetic Recombination

CHAPTER 14: Medicine and Edible Vaccines

CHAPTER 15: Broad Applications of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

CHAPTER 16: Biotechnology in Drug Discovery

CHAPTER 17: Immobilization of Enzymes

CHAPTER 18: Nanobiotechnology

CHAPTER 19: Recent Advances in Biopharmaceuticals





Author Information

By Chandrakant Kokate and Pramod H.J

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