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Pharmacology for Canadian Health Care Practice

Mosby Canada Title
ISBN: 978-1-927406-68-7

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Pharmacology for Canadian Health Care Practice , 3rd Edition

By Linda Lane Lilley, RN, PhD, Beth Swart, BScN, MES and Julie S. Snyder, MSN, RN-BC

1200 pages
Trim Size 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 in
Copyright 2016
$114.00, Paperback, Reference

Availability:New edition due. 10/28/20.

New Edition Forthcoming


Let this outstanding, reader-friendly pharmacology text help guide you through the detailed world of nursing pharmacology. Now in its third edition, Pharmacology for Canadian Health Care Practice covers all the key pharmacology content needed by today’s nursing students. Known for its appealing layout, wealth of photos, and helpful boxed features, this engaging text brings important pharmacology concepts to life. The text’s popular key drug approach focuses only on the drug information you need to know. Along with its exam preparation and insightful learning strategies, this is your complete pharmacology text!

Key Features

  • Popular key drug approach focuses on the need-to-know content for safe clinical practice and uses a streamlined approach to drug indications, emphasizing only the most common or serious adverse effects.
  • Clear, colourful and consistent learner-friendly format utilizes a variety of tables and practical body systems organization to help you integrate pharmacology content with what you are learning in medical-surgical and adult health nursing courses.
  • Focus on prioritization includes prioritized nursing diagnoses along with corresponding prioritization of goals and outcomes, helping you learn to connect nursing diagnoses to goals and outcomes.
  • Large collection of reader-friendly learning aids includes approachable text elements such as:
      • Cartoon-illustrated study skills tips covering study, time management, and test-taking tips related to studying pharmacology
      • Drug profiles highlighting specific information on commonly-used agents
      • Patient teaching tips outlining useful patient information specific to each drug group
      • Evidence in Practice boxes featuring current research and findings relevant to nursing pharmacology
      • Lab Values Related to Drug Therapy summary boxes covering therapeutic levels of various drugs
      • Preventing Medication Errors boxes reinforcing concepts introduced in the medication errors chapter and relating them to specific common errors that occur in nursing pharmacology
      • Ethnocultural Implications boxes discussing differences to expect among cultural or ethnic groups
      • Dosages tables providing instant access to dosages, routes, and indications for individual drugs
      • Natural Health Products boxes providing an Overview, Common Uses, Adverse Effects, Potential Drug Interactions, and Contraindications for popular herbal therapies
      • Special Populations Considerations boxes highlighting critical points related to drug therapy in children, adolescents, women and older adult patients
      • Key points summarizing key pharmacology and nursing content in each chapter
      • Legal and Ethical Principles boxes promoting awareness of liability issues and proper professional conduct
      • Pharmacokinetic Bridge to Nursing Practice feature covering topics such as heart failure, women’s health issues, iron, and monitoring renal function
      • More than 250 full-colour photos and illustrations (many updated for this edition) showing how drugs work in the body and how to administer medications safely and effectively
      • Examination review questions in every chapter

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Focus on need-to-know content helps you concentrate on the most common and essential content.
  • NEW! Updated drugs and treatment guidelines ensures currency with the latest new Canadian drug approvals, drug withdrawals, therapeutic uses, and warnings/precautions.
  • NEW! Case studies (throughout the text) help bring patients to life.
  • NEW! Improved organization houses information on one drug in one location
  • NEW! Pharmacokinetics tables include "Elimination Half-Life" information for each drug profile.
  • NEW! Streamlined resources on Evolve companion site now include an increased emphasis on active learning for user engagement.

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By Linda Lane Lilley, RN, PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing, Old Dominion University, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Beth Swart, BScN, MES, Professor, School of Nursing, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario and Julie S. Snyder, MSN, RN-BC, Performance Improvement Coordinator, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Chesapeake, Virginia; Adjunct Faculty, School of Nursing, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia.

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