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Pregnancy & Drug Misuse

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ISBN: 9781898507772

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Pregnancy & Drug Misuse , 2nd Edition

By Catherine Siney, SRN, RN

176 pages
Copyright 2000
$51.95, Paperback, Reference

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This updated and expanded edition of The Pregnant Drug Addict (1995) explores the difficulties of managing the maternity care of those who are drug dependent. Catherine Siney has brought together a number of specialists whose combined expertise provides an essential guide to this problematic subject. Key issues include the medical and obstetric problems of mothers, the consequences for the child, pregnant women who are HIV positive or have hepatitis B, outreach work and counselling.


Midwives, Drugs Counsellers

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Catherine Siney, SRN, RN, Drug Liaison/Midwife Specialist at the Liverpool Obstetric and Gynaecology Services (NHS) Trust

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