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Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat

Saunders Title
ISBN: 9781437711820

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Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat , 5th Edition

By J. Kevin Kealy, MVB, MVM, MRCVS, DVR, Hester McAllister, MVB, MRCVS, DVR and John P. Graham, MVB, MSc, DVR, MRCVS, DACVR

Copyright 2011
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Interpret diagnostic images accurately with Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat, 5th Edition. Written by veterinary experts J. Kevin Kealy, Hester McAllister, and John P. Graham, this concise guide covers the principles of diagnostic radiology and ultransonography and includes clear, complete instruction in image interpretation. It illustrates the normal anatomy of body systems, and then uses numbered points to describe radiologic signs of abnormalities. It also includes descriptions of the ultrasonographic appearance of many conditions in dogs and cats. Updated with the latest on digital imaging, CT, MR, and nuclear medicine, and showing how to avoid common errors in interpretation, this book is exactly what you need to refine your diagnostic and treatment planning skills!


"For students and small animal veterinary practitioners, Kealy (veterinary surgery and companion animal medicine, U. College Dublin, Ireland) et al. offer a guide to the principles of diagnostic radiology and ultrasonography for use with dogs and cats. Chapters are organized by body system and describe and illustrate normal anatomy and radiologic signs of abnormalities, as well as the ultrasonographic appearance of many conditions. This edition has been updated with the latest digital imaging in CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine; developments like portosystemic shunts, color Doppler images, thyroid scintigraphy, computed tomography, and digital radiography; and how to avoid common errors in interpretation."

- Book News, Inc.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of detailed radiographs and ultrasonograms clearly illustrate principles, aid comprehension, and help you accurately interpret your own films.
  • The normal anatomy and appearance for each body system is included so you can identify deviations from normal, such as traumatic and pathologic changes.
  • Coverage of the most common disorders associated with each body system help you interpret common and uncommon problems.
  • Coverage of radiographic principles and procedures includes density, contrast, detail, and technique, so you can produce the high-quality films necessary for accurate diagnosis.
  • Clinical signs help you arrive at a clinical diagnosis.
  • An emphasis on developing a standardized approach to viewing radiographs and ultrasonograms ensures that you do not overlook elements of the image that may affect proper diagnosis.
  • Complete coverage of diagnostic imaging of small animals includes all modalities and echocardiography, all in a comprehensive, single-source reference.
  • Discussions of ultrasound-guided biopsy technique help you perform one of the most useful, minimally invasive diagnostic procedures.
  • Single chapters cover all aspects of specific body compartments and systems for a logical organization and easy cross-referencing.
  • Coverage of different imaging modalities for individual diseases/disorders is closely integrated in the text and allows easier comprehension.
  • A consistent style, terminology, and content results from the fact that all chapters are written by the same authors.

New to this Edition

  • An improved layout makes the material easier to read and comprehend.
  • Over 450 new or improved illustrations cover topics with clear, high-quality images.
  • Coverage of CT, MRI, and scintigraphy has been expanded.
  • Updated chapters include the latest developments in diagnostic imaging and findings on new conditions.
  • New computed tomography and digital radiography information in The Radiograph chapter includes help in recognizing artifacts on ultrasound.
  • Expanded sections on ultrasound in The Thorax chapter include examples and more content on portosystemic shunts, including color Doppler images.
  • Color flow and spectral Doppler images in The Abdomen chapter complement the descriptions of radiologic conditions, relevant information on CT imaging and thyroid scintigraphy.
  • An expanded section on appendicular pathology and joint pathology is added to The Bones and Joints chapter.
  • New and improved diagrams/line drawings with accompanying normal images of the brain and spine are added in The Skull and Vertebral Column chapter, including more MRI and CT to illustrate normal components and pathologic conditions.
  • Update on new soft-tissue conditions appears in the Soft Tissues chapter.

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By J. Kevin Kealy, MVB, MVM, MRCVS, DVR, Diplomate ECVDI, Former Professor and Head, Department of Veterinary Surgery and Companion Animal Medicine, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, Former Head of Radiology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA; Hester McAllister, MVB, MRCVS, DVR, Diplomate ECVDI, Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, University Veterinary Hospital, School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland and John P. Graham, MVB, MSc, DVR, MRCVS, DACVR, Diplomate ECVDI, Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, Maitland, FL, USA

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