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Birth Territory and Midwifery Guardianship

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ISBN: 9780750688703

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Birth Territory and Midwifery Guardianship

Theory for Practice, Education and Research

By Kathleen Fahy, BN, MEd, PhD, RM, RN, Maralyn Foureur, BA, GradDip, PhD, RN, RM and Carolyn Hastie, RM, RN, DipTeach, GradDipPHC, IBCLC, Masters Philosophy Student

198 pages
Trim Size 9 11/16 X 7 7/16 in
Copyright 2008
$67.95, Paperback, Reference

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Midwives and other healthcare providers are grappling with the issue of rising intervention rates in childbirth and trying to identify ways to reverse the trend. It is increasingly accepted that intervention in childbirth has long-term consequences for women and their children. Birth Territory provides practical, evidence-based ideas for restructuring the birth territory to facilitate normal birth.

Key Features

  • Links new research findings to birth environments and outcomes.
  • Describes the elements of an ideal birthing environment.
  • Suggests how to modify existing maternity services to achieve optimal results.
  • Investigates the links between the experiences of women and babies, and outcomes.
  • Explores the effects of legal and socio-political factors.

Table of Contents


Section 1: Theories and Practices

1 Power and the Social Construction of Birth Territory

2 Theorising Birth Territory

3 Midwifery Guardianship: Reclaiming the Sacred in Birth

4 Territories of the Self and Spiritual Practices During Childbirth

Section 2: Physiology and the Physical Space

5 Creating Birth Space to Enable Undisturbed Birth

6 The Spiritual and Emotional Territory of the Unborn and Newborn Baby

7 Creating Physical Space

Part 1 The moving, feeling and dreaming body guides architectural design

Part 2 Putting the principles into practice

Section 3: Midwives, Obstetricians and the Maternity Services

8 Being a midwife to midwifery: transforming midwifery services

9 Birth Territory: The role of the obstetrician

10 From Ideal to Real: The interface between Birth Territory and the Maternity Service Organisation


Author Information

By Kathleen Fahy, BN, MEd, PhD, RM, RN, Professor of Midwifery and Head of Discipline, School Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia; Maralyn Foureur, BA, GradDip, PhD, RN, RM, Professor of Midwifery,Centre for Midwifery, Child and Family Health,University of Technology, Sydney, Australia and Carolyn Hastie, RM, RN, DipTeach, GradDipPHC, IBCLC, Masters Philosophy Student, Midwifery Manager, Obstetric & Gynecology Department, Belmont Birthing Service, Hunter New England Health, Australia

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