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Child Protection

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ISBN: 9780750653527

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Child Protection , 2nd Edition

Guide For Midwives

By Jenny Fraser, SRN SCM DPSM

176 pages
Copyright 2004
$53.95, Paperback, Reference

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Children have the right to be safe in our world and we all have a responsibility to ensure this happens. Midwives play a key role in enhancing relationships between a child and its parents for future well being. The book explores how the pressures inherent in the transition to parenting, and individual and social circumstances may make it difficult for mothers to respond sensitively to their babies' needs. Midwives are encouraged to use their skills of observation and analysis to recognise and provide appropriate emotional, educational and practical support to assist vulnerable women to bond with their baby and the baby in turn forming a secure attachment with it's mother.
Midwives are also in a unique position to recognise potential or actual child abuse and are required to take such action as is necessary to safeguard the child from harm. This book provides midwives with confidence to undertake this role effectively.

Key Features

· Accessible easy to read style for busy working midwives
· A sensitive approach to the subject of child protection
· Step by step guidance through child protection procedures
· Non judgemental approach considering both the needs of the child and the plight of the parent
· Case histories link theory to practice



Table of Contents
Author Information

By Jenny Fraser, SRN SCM DPSM, Formerly a community midwife and a midwifery sister in an acute maternity unit, until 1995 she worked as an independent midwife and recently facilitated the setting up on an NHS integrated midwifery team. She has spent 10 years working on a local child protection team and regularly has articles published about child protection in the nursing and midwifery journals.

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