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HIV In Pregnancy and Childbirth

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ISBN: 9780750653251

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HIV In Pregnancy and Childbirth , 2nd Edition

By Jane Kennedy, MSc BSc RGN RM

176 pages
Copyright 2003
$53.95, Paperback, Reference

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All those involved in maternity care need to be aware of the issues women face when considering HIV and pregnancy. Since the first reported cases of AIDS two decades ago there has been much research into the HIV virus, and attitudes have changed as knowledge has increased. Today, a much better understanding of HIV and related AIDS conditions has enabled the midwife to apply evidence-based guidelines to everyday practice. It is essential that midwives are aware of the most up-to-date research findings so that they can ensure they offer their clients the best possible care during pregnancy and childbirth.

HIV in Pregnancy and Childbirth takes a comprehensive look at the subject in a practical manner, covering epidemiology, transmission, the disease progress and the provision of holistic pregnancy care. Fully referenced with useful appendices and website addresses, this is an essential purchase for all healthcare professionals.


""The style of writing is user friendly and the summaries presented at the end of each chapter help the reader understand the subjects tackled and identifies the key issues."" Alice Darkoa Asare-Allotey, Midwifery, June 2004

Key Features

  • An exploration of the latest research into the HIV virus focussing on issues specifically relevant to pregnant women and the newborn
  • Written by a midwife who specialises in counselling HIV-positive women, this book deals with the issues midwives are most likely to encounter in practice
  • Discusses the latest findings on breastfeeding and routes of transmission of the virus
  • Includes guidelines and recommendations for the management of infected healthcare workers
  • Readership

    Students and practitioners of midwifery

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Jane Kennedy, MSc BSc RGN RM, Midwife and HIV Counsellor, St Thomas' Hospital, King's Healthcare Trust, London, UK.

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