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Pregnant Women, Violent Men

Books for Midwives Title
ISBN: 9780750652032

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Pregnant Women, Violent Men

What Midwives Need to Know

By Sheila C. Hunt, PhD, MSc(Econ), MBA, ILTM, RGN, RM, PGCE and Ann M. Martin, BA, MA

224 pages
Copyright 2001
$61.95, Paperback, Reference

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Pregnant Women: Violent Men is written by an experienced midwifery educator and health professional, and by a social scientist and Open University Lecturer who has considerable experience in supporting women who survive violence. Case studies and scenarios illustrate how to apply theory to clinical midwifery practice, taking into account contemporary society, exploring the causes of violence and focusing on violence in pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnant Women: Violent Men is an essential purchase for every midwife and health care professional involved in offering childbearing women care and support.


"A powerful and challenging new book for midwives. Wonderful books like this are bringing domestic violence out of the professional closet." Jane Salvage, Nursing Times, February 2002

Key Features

  • Offers sound advice and ideas on how the midwife can support, influence and stand alongside women as they experience both childbirth and the crime of domestic violence; and discusses who else can help, including the law and the Women's Aid network
  • Explores the shape of society and examines the roots of violence
  • Sensitively considers the role of the midwife when faced with domestic violence among childbearing women


    Midwifery students and practitioners, other health professionals working in primary care.

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Sheila C. Hunt, PhD, MSc(Econ), MBA, ILTM, RGN, RM, PGCE, Dean, Professor of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee, Scotland; and Ann M. Martin, BA, MA, Lecturer with the Open University

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