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Small Animal Nutrition

Butterworth-Heinemann Title
ISBN: 9780750645751

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Small Animal Nutrition

By Sandie Agar, Vn, C&G Cert in Small Animal Nutrition

208 pages
Copyright 2001
$77.95, Paperback, Reference

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Small Animal Nutrition is an essential new text relating the theory of digestion and nutrition to practical application in everyday veterinary practice. The basic principles of nutrition are explained, with special attention given to the use of nutrition as a tool in the management of the patient. The student is informed of different nutritional requirements in both sickness and health, and concepts are presents in a light-hearted and easily understood format. Key facts are highlighted and a series of self-assessment questions and answers are provided at the end of each chapter.This new text explains nutrition in everyday language, and should be an essential purchase for all veterinary students, veterinary nurses and veterinary practices.


"The section on hand rearing small furry pets is wonderful and, as far as I am aware, is not available elsewhere. People should buy this book for this part alone." Fred Nind, companion animal practitioner in Edinburgh. Former veterinary advisor for a major pet food manufacturer and former an examiner for the RCVS VN Scheme.
light-hearted, easily 'digestible' read.. I am really enjoying it!" Dot Creighton, Training Officer, Goddard Veterinary Group, London.
chapter covering mathematics relating to energy I thought was particularly well covered. The calculations were easy to follow." Kersty Ellis, VN, Moulton College, Northampton.

Key Features

  • user-friendly layout makes animal nutrition interesting and fun, helping students easily understand the principles of nutrition
  • includes an excellent section on the nutritional needs of small furries, with previously unpublished advice on the hand rearing of small animals
  • essential reading for every veterinary student and student veterinary nurse


    Veterinary nurses and students

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Sandie Agar, Vn, C&G Cert in Small Animal Nutrition, Head Nurse, Acorn Veterinary Group, West Yorkshire, UK

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