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Psychopharmacology for Health Professionals

Mosby Australia Title
ISBN: 9780729578608

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Psychopharmacology for Health Professionals

By Kim Usher, Kim Foster and Shane Bullock

Copyright 2008
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This book provides and overview of all psychotropic drugs, their uses, side effects, contraindictions as well as an overview of related issues and relevant information and resources. Each chapter incorporates the realated physiological information to assist the student to understand the actions and side effects of the drugs along with detailed information on each drug and/or drug type.


Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing Students

Author Information

By Kim Usher, Head of School of Nursing and Sciences, James Cook University, QLD, Australia; Kim Foster, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of School, Nursing & Sciences, James Cook University, QLD, Australia; and Shane Bullock, Associate Professor, School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, James Cook University, QLD, Australia

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