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The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook with PDA Software

Churchill Livingstone Australia Title
ISBN: 9780729577601

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The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook with PDA Software

By Cameron Stewart, BEc, LLB, PhD, Ian Kerridge and Malcolm Parker

150 pages
Copyright 2007
$106.00, Online Product, Reference

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The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook will be provided with PDA software and aims to give JMOs immediate, clear and concise answers to the most frequently asked legal questions arising during hospital training. Doctors carry very little when they are in the ward but are increasingly carrying PDAs, making the accompanying software an ideal content delivery method.

Key Features

  • The handbook and accompanying PDA software is the only one of its kind offered to Australian JMOs.
  • Content development is based around the authors' research through ongoing focus groups into the most commonly asked questions by the end user, that is, JMOs in the hospital training environment.
  • Law updates and other relevant materials (including guidelines and links to relevant Health Department documents) will be provided on the accompanying Evolve site.
  • Written by a proven author team, each an expert in the medico-legal and/or ethical fields.
  • Clinical problems will be outlined with cross-referencing to the appropriate sections of the handbook. These questions will be posed in the style and format used by clinicians, for example: ‘What if I get sued?' ‘What do I do if someone refuses treatment?' ‘What deaths do I refer to the Coroner?' ‘What if I make a mistake?' ‘Who makes decisions about a child's treatment?'

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Cameron Stewart, BEc, LLB, PhD, Professor of Health, Law and Ethics, University of Sydney Law School, Australia; Ian Kerridge, Director, Centre for Values and Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney; Staff Haematologist/Bone Marrow Transplant Physician, Westmead Hospital, Australia; Malcolm Parker, Associate Professor, Medical Ethics, School of Medicine, University of Queensland; Board member of the Australasian Bioethics Association and the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Health Law & Ethics and Member of Queensland Health Ethics Advisory Committee

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