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Patient & Person

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ISBN: 978-0-7295-4256-2

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Patient & Person, 6th Edition

Interpersonal Skills in Nursing

By Jane Stein-Parbury, RN, BSN, MEd(Pittsburgh), PhD(Adelaide), FRCNA

352 pages
Copyright 2018
$75.95, Paperback, Reference



Effective communication is vital for nurses to provide quality care for patients and their families.

Patient & Person provides students with an essential framework to establish and build effective interpersonal skills in nursing practice.

Incorporating a person-centred approach, Patient & Person focuses on the importance of relating and interacting with patients as people - a concept central in providing quality nursing care and developing a therapeutic relationship in practice.  

Key Features

  • Focus on interprofessional and team communication throughout

New to this Edition

  • A suite of scenario-based videos supporting key communication skills and concepts, including empathy, challenging behaviours, advocating for a patient and admitting a patient with reflections from both the nurse and patient perspective
  • A series of video interviews - exploring diverse cultural backgrounds from the patient and practitioner perspective
  • More than 40 Learning Activities to help develop featured skills and concepts
  • Research highlights in each chapter covering the most recent research on communication in nursing



Table of Contents
Author Information

By Jane Stein-Parbury, RN, BSN, MEd(Pittsburgh), PhD(Adelaide), FRCNA, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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