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Ethics in Midwifery

Mosby Ltd. Title
ISBN: 9780723431725

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Ethics in Midwifery , 2nd Edition

Shirley Jones

204 pages
Copyright 2000
$53.95, Paperback, Reference

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This book examines the principles and realities of ethics in midwifery practice today. It explains basic ethical theory, looking at how dilemmas occur and the ethical bases on which conflicts can be resolved. Through a series of case studies, options and issues for consideration are reviewed, particularly in areas of increasing concern and debate such as confidentiality, autonomy, screening, abortion, assisted conception and withholding treatment.

This book will be of value to all students and practicing midwives who need to understand the principles and practice of ethics, especially how to apply ethical thought and action in their own day-to-day work.


"A very affordable, readable book that every midwife and student would benefit from ." Clare Carter, Practice Development Midwife, MIDIRS Midwifery Digest 11:2, June 2001

Key Features

  • Explains clearly ethical theory, especially how dilemmas occur, the bases for ethical decisions and how conflicts may be resolved
  • Outlines specifically how ethical principles can be applied in real-life practice, and in situations which may involve midwives in team decisions
  • Outlines detailed case studies which illustrate key ethical dilemmas and ways to consider resolutions within these
  • Explores and clearly delineates the ethical dimensions of the midwifes role (new chapter in the second edition)
  • Includes a new chapter on conscientious objection to participation in abortion
  • Has greater focus on assisted conception and issues surrounding this, as this becomes a topic of more widespread interest
  • Adds a new chapter on withholding and withdrawing treatment, mainly in relation to neonates, again to reflect an area of growing concern and controversy
  • New to this Edition

  • All of Part One the general foundations are updated and revised
  • New chapter on ethical dimensions of the midwifes role, with an emphasis on the midwife as the researcher
  • New case in the confidentiality chapter
  • New case in the accountability chapter on client abuse, with a focus on the accountability of the midwife who knew about this but did nothing
  • New case in the autonomy and consent chapter looking at enforced caesarian section, with a focus on ethics rather than the law (where the focus usually lies in reviewing this area)
  • New chapter on assisted conception, replacing resource allocation which looked only briefly at this
  • New chapter on withholding and withdrawing treatment relating mainly to neonates
  • Readership

    Student and qualifiedmidwives including those in management and education.
    Secondary: Student nurses undertaking care of mother and newborn modules, Obstetric SHOs, Medical students

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Shirley Jones, MA, RGN, RM, ADM, Cert Ed (FE), Teaching (Midwifery), Supervisor of Midwives, Principal Lecturer/ Supervisor of Midwives, School of Women's Health Studies, Faculty of Health and Community Care, n University of Central England, Birmingham, UK

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