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The Physician Assistant Medical Handbook

Saunders Title
ISBN: 978-0-7216-9786-4

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The Physician Assistant Medical Handbook , 2nd Edition

By James Brox Labus, PA-C

1144 pages
Copyright 2004
$108.00, Paperback, Reference

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Written by and for physician assistants, this compact, portable resource presents all of the information needed on the job. It reviews symptoms, pathophysiology, laboratory studies, differential diagnosis, treatment, and pediatric and obstetric considerations for the conditions most commonly encountered in practice. Coverage of every major medical subspecialty makes the book indispensable in any clinical setting.


"A comprehensive review...by an impressive group of practicing PAs and PA educators...All PAs should consider adding this handbook to their book¬shelves; its value is in its ability to give succinct information immediately, as you're thinking about a patient or between rounds."—ADVANCE for Physician Assistants

Key Features

  • Organizes information by disease and presents it in a concise outline format—so it's easy to find, absorb, and use.
  • Uses a logical, consistent approach for each health condition: Definition · History · Physical Examination · Patho¬physiology · Diagnostic Studies · Differential Diagnosis · Treatment · Pediatric Considerations · Obstetrical Considerations · Geriatric Considerations · and Prevention.
  • Features ''Pearls for the PA'' to help readers provide optimal patient care.

New to this Edition

  • Covers brand-new topics such as Congenital Heart Disease · Abdominal Trauma · General Principles of ACLS · Metabolic Bone Disease · Cholicystitis · Bartholins Cyst/Abcess · Normal Pregnancy and Complications · Arterio¬sclerosis Obliterans · Embolism/Thrombosis · Head Injury · Hydrocephalus · Meningioma · Subarachnoid · Adrenal/Renal Cancer · Gastric Cancer · Glioma · Liver Tumor · Musculoskeletal Tumor · Pancreatic Cancer · Testicular Cancer · Uterine Cancer · Epistaxis · Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder · Pulmonary Contusion · Foot · Fractures · Spine · Strain/Sprain · Incontinence · Hydrocele · Hypospadius · Testicular Torsion Varicocele · and Anesthesia.
  • Includes information on geriatric considerations and preventive medicine for every disease and disorder..
  • Offers a new full-color insert with 48 photographs depicting some of the most common dermatologic problems.
  • Presents detailed material on commonly performed procedures, written by experienced practitioners.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By James Brox Labus, PA-C, Bachelor of Science, Health Education; President, Mid-Level Medical Services; Lecturer, Emory University Physician Assistant Program, Atlanta, GA, USA

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