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Law & Ethics in Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Radiology

Saunders Title
ISBN: 978-0-7216-5062-3

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Law & Ethics in Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Radiology

With Risk Management and Safety Applications

By Ann M. Obergfell, JD, RT(R)

247 pages
Copyright 1995
$75.95, Hardcover, Reference

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This text addresses ethics, law, risk management, and safety in diagnostic imaging and therapeutic radiology. Each chapter contains case studies or scenarios in order to better illustrate concepts to the reader. Sample forms at the end of the text offer guidance in the preparation and drafting of forms, charts, procedures, and policies. Includes information on decision-making, patient rights, malpractice, civil liability, record keeping, communication, education, and more.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Ann M. Obergfell, JD, RT(R), Dean, College of Health Sciences, St. Catharine College, St. Catharine, KY

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