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Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics for Nurses

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780702083549

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Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics for Nurses

By Mark Gibson

224 pages
Copyright 2023
$42.99, Paperback, Reference

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In an increasingly legalised healthcare environment, this new handbook provides an essential guide to nursing professionalism in the context of the law.

With a professional career undertaking various healthcare-related roles, the author is both a mental health and general nurse who takes the reader through the workings of the legal system and how nurses can apply the law in an ethical and principled way. The handbook helps the reader to consider complex issues such as biomedical ethics, human rights, negligence and the importance of confidentiality, and provides guidance on decision making when faced with legal or ethical dilemmas.

Easy to understand and peppered with numerous practical examples throughout, the Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics for Nurses will support development of the essential legal awareness needed by undergraduate and post-graduate nurses alike.

Key Features

  • Easy to read – suitable for pre-registration nurses as well as practising nurses, midwives and nursing associates
  • Illustrated throughout with case study vignettes and linked to relevant legislation in England
  • Links to case law to improve understanding of the legal system
  • Covers hot topics and debates, supporting nurses to participate in appropriate and effective decision making
  • Supports learning in nursing modules covering professional practice

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By Mark Gibson, Mark Gibson is an independent scholar. He has a broad and varied professional background in healthcare, and is both a mental health and general nurse. His experience includes working in general and clinical management as well as higher education, with his specialist areas of interest being those of healthcare governance, patient safety and incident investigation, legal matters and staff training and development.

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