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Fundamentals of Mammography

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780702081071

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Fundamentals of Mammography , 3rd Edition

By Sue Williams, Kathryn Taylor and Stella Campbell

160 pages
Trim Size 7 1/2 X 9 1/4 in
Copyright 2022
$98.99, Paperback, Reference

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The third edition of Fundamentals of Mammography assists clinicians to deliver a consistently high-quality service while acquiring the skills needed to provide care at what can be an emotionally difficult time for many patients.

Fully updated to reflect current mammography technology, standards and radiologic environments, the book covers the principles of mammography techniques as well as equipment, quality control checks, psychological issues and communication.

This book is ideal for assistant practitioners and radiographers, both in training or newly qualified, as well as all other health professionals who use mammography in breast care settings.

Key Features

  • Step-by-step guide to producing high-quality mammograms
  • Clear explanations and diagrams to achieve the best positioning and use of equipment
  • Graphic aids showing how to accommodate different statures and configurations
  • Advice on achieving and maintaining quality control for equipment and film processing
  • Patient-centred approach, with case studies and information on communication
  • Fully updated with the latest evidence, including electronic processing and digital technology

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By Sue Williams, Kathryn Taylor and Stella Campbell

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