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Health Behavior Change Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

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ISBN: 9780702077586

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Health Behavior Change Elsevier eBook on VitalSource , 3rd Edition

Health Behavior Change Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

By Pip Mason, BSc (Econ) MSocSc

256 pages
Copyright 2019
$42.99, Evolve, Reference




Based upon a tried and tested framework of intervention, Health Behavior Change, third edition, brings together the field of communication, the study of motivation and how people change, and insights derived from listening to and observing patients over many years, to provide a helpful source of advice on how to encourage individuals to embrace behaviour change and then maintain it.

This popular paperback is written in a friendly and accessible writing style, and contains an abundance of ‘real-life’ clinical cases, sample interviews, and the latest evidence-base regarding best practice. The book also contains information on learning the necessary techniques, overcoming personal barriers to success, and how to use the techniques in a wide variety of settings. Learning aids include ‘Useful Questions’ boxes, to help learners structure consultations, ‘Key Points’ boxes, to summarise the crucial ‘take home’ message, and ‘What to Avoid’ boxes, which give the benefit of extensive experience.

The new edition now comes with an EVOLVE© website which contains a helpful video demonstration of a successful interview, an explanatory transcript of which is given within the book, and downloadable Patient Worksheets.

Suitable for a wide-ranging readership ranging from primary care physicians and nurses to physiotherapists and sports therapists, this book will be perfect for use in the primary care setting, inpatient or outpatient departments, community health projects, the A&E department, leisure facilities and occupational health clinics.

Key Features

  • Perfect for brief consultations in the healthcare and sports setting
  • Abundance of practical examples – showing both good and bad practice – illustrate how the techniques can be used to optimum effect even with patients who are ‘difficult to reach’
  • Useful ‘dialogue’ between practitioner and patient illustrate points of theory
  • Contains a chapter on how to learn the technique, including potential barriers to success
  • Discusses the frustrations encountered in practice and provides practical tips on how to control emotion
  • Ideal for use in the primary care setting, inpatient or outpatient departments, community health projects, the A&E department, leisure facilities or occupational health clinics

New to this Edition

  • Fully updated throughout with the latest research and evidence base for best practice
  • Updated clinical examples reflect recent developments in public health

  • Now available with an EVOLVE© website containing a helpful video demonstration of the techniques being used and downloadable Patient Worksheets

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Professionals from a range of sectors including health promotion specialists, hospital, community and occupational health nurses, health visitors and midwives, hospital doctors and general practitioners, dentists and dental hygienists, pharmacists, other allied health professionals and health trainers and champions.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Pip Mason, BSc (Econ) MSocSc, Director of Pip Mason Consultancy Ltd. Birmingham, UK

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