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The Unofficial Guide to Prescribing e-book

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780702055195

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The Unofficial Guide to Prescribing e-book

The Unofficial Guide to Prescribing e-book

Edited by Zeshan Qureshi, BM BSc(Hons) and Simon R J Maxwell, MD PhD FRCP FRCPE FBPharmacolS FHEA

448 pages
Trim Size 8 1/4 X 11 11/16 in
Copyright 2014
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The Unofficial Guide to Prescribing lays out the practical steps of how to assess, investigate and manage a patient, with a focus on what to prescribe and how to prescribe it. Its aim is to empower newly graduated junior doctors to excel at dealing with emergencies and handling complex prescribing scenarios.

Prescribing errors cost healthcare systems millions annually, so early training in prescribing has become an urgent priority of medical education and now forms an essential part of teaching and assessment.

The Unofficial Guide to Prescribing (from the same stable as The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs) is a new book designed to address this requirement. It is written by junior doctors still close to the transition from theory to practice, overseen by a review panel of senior clinicians to ensure accuracy, and designed to help medical students practise and learn as much as possible about prescribing, in actual clinical scenarios, before they have to do it for real.

Each scenario is presented as you would see it in the hospital setting and covers:

  • Initial step-by-step assessment of the patient: how to assess, assessment findings, and immediate management
  • Initial investigations
  • Initial management
  • Reassessment
  • Treatment
  • Handing over the patient


"As part of ‘The Unofficial Guide to…’ series, this excellent book is a must have for all students, as well as professionals involved in prescribing and hospital care – it provides a solid foundation for dealing with emergency situations and complex prescribing scenarios. It strengthens theoretical knowledge and applies it to ‘real life’ situations...it is an essential resource that should hold a place on all university reading lists".
Reviewed by: Dr Irfan Rashid on behalf of the International Journal of Clinical Skills, Jan 2015

Key Features

  • 'Prescribe' alerts throughout
  • Written-up drug charts
  • Blank drug charts for copying and practice

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  • Medical students
  • Junior doctors

Table of Contents
Author Information

Edited by Zeshan Qureshi, BM BSc(Hons), Academic Clinical Fellow (International Child Health), Great Ormond Street and Institute of Child Health, London and Honorary Clinical Tutor, University of Edinburgh, UK and Simon R J Maxwell, MD PhD FRCP FRCPE FBPharmacolS FHEA, Professor of Student Learning (Clinical Pharmacology and Prescribing), University of Edinburgh; Consultant Physician, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK

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