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Sobotta Flashcards Bones, Ligaments, and Joints

ISBN: 9780702052576

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Sobotta Flashcards Bones, Ligaments, and Joints

Bones, Ligaments, and Joints

By Lars Bräuer

288 pages
Trim Size 4 1/8 X 5 13/16 in
Copyright 2013
$23.67, Reference

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The Sobotta flashcards provide you with a fun way to prepare for tests and exams in the subject area of bones, ligaments, and joints.

New training concept:

  • The exemplary exam question on each card will help you familiarise yourself with the exam situation. The question is answered on the back of the card.
  • One side of the card shows a labelled anatomical illustration, the other side shows the picture without the labels for a memory check.
  • Information boxes and tables contain concise summaries of clinical and other relevant aspects (e.g. origin and insertion of individual muscles).
  • Important structures are emphasised for quicker orientation.
  • The Latin terms are in accordance with the current Terminologia Anatomica.

  • For study on the go and preparation for exams and tests!

Table of Contents

Allgemeine Knochenlehre


Obere Extremitäten


Untere Extremitäten

Bänder und Gelenke


Author Information

By Lars Bräuer

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