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Bones and Joints - E-book

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 978-0-7020-4946-0

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Bones and Joints - E-book , 6th Edition

A Guide for Students

By Chris Gunn, MA, TDCR

Copyright 2012
$57.95, Online Product, Reference

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This book is a clear, concise introduction to the subject which covers all the major bones and joints in the body in a logical and systematic way to aid understanding. The three generic chapters at the start of the book, covering an overview of bone, joints and pathology, provide the basic information required to ensure that the student is able to gain the most benefit from the subsequent area-specific chapters.

The text is written in note form and the drawings are as clear and simple as possible so that they can be easily reproduced by students. In this edition a number of  the radiographic images  have been improved and replaced and the number of imaging techniques has increased by including PET and SPECT  images 

New to this edition

Improved clarity of the joint images 

A number of new radiographic images

Insight Boxes 

Inclusion of PET and SPECT colour images

Bones and Joints may be used as part of a self-directed learning programme by students examining and studying the real bones of the skeleton along with the images. It can also be used as part of a revision programme or as a reference text. It is aimed at all health care students who needs a good understanding of the skeletal system.

Author Information

By Chris Gunn, MA, TDCR

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