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Health Behavior Change E-Book

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 978-0-7020-4321-5

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Health Behavior Change E-Book , 2nd Edition

By Pip Mason, BSc (Econ) MSocSc

240 pages
Copyright 2010
$53.95, Online Product, Reference

Availability:Out of print. 10/01/18.



Engagingly written by experts with worldwide reputations in the field, Health Behavior Change presents an exciting method which can be used to helps patients change their behaviour in both hospital and community settings. The method is applicable to any behaviour, such as overeating, physical inactivity and smoking or with patients struggling with the consequences of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Using brief, structured consultations with the client, the practitioner encourages the patient to take charge of decision-making concerning their health. It relies upon partnership between professional and patient rather than dominance of one over the other and is carried out in a spirit of negotiation rather than confrontation.

The text clearly outlines the fundamental principles behind the method while applying it to practice. Problems of resistance and lack of motivation are explored and practical strategies to manage them are suggested. The patient is at the centre throughout. Short case examples and dilemmas from clinical settings ground the method in the reality of practice.

New to this Edition

    text revised and updated throughout to reflect developments in the field e.g. new studies that have been conducted since 1e published

    improved appearance with addition of a second colour and more modern page design to increase appeal

    chapter summaries added to aid assimilation

    more material relating to obesity

    Author Information

    By Pip Mason, BSc (Econ) MSocSc, Director of Pip Mason Consultancy Ltd. Birmingham, UK

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