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Health Behavior Change E-Book

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780702043215

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Health Behavior Change E-Book , 2nd Edition

Health Behavior Change E-Book

By Stephen Rollnick, BSocSci(Hons), MSc, DipClinPsych, PhD#error#Pip Mason, BSocSci(Hons), MSc, DipClinPsych, PhD, Stephen Rollnick, BSc (Econ) MSocSc#error#Pip Mason, BSc (Econ) MSocSc and Christopher C Butler, BA, MBChB, DCH, FRCGP, MD, CCH, HonFFPHM

240 pages
Copyright 2010
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Availability:Out of print. 10/01/18.



Engagingly written by experts with worldwide reputations in the field, Health Behavior Change presents an exciting method which can be used to helps patients change their behaviour in both hospital and community settings. The method is applicable to any behaviour, such as overeating, physical inactivity and smoking or with patients struggling with the consequences of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Using brief, structured consultations with the client, the practitioner encourages the patient to take charge of decision-making concerning their health. It relies upon partnership between professional and patient rather than dominance of one over the other and is carried out in a spirit of negotiation rather than confrontation.

The text clearly outlines the fundamental principles behind the method while applying it to practice. Problems of resistance and lack of motivation are explored and practical strategies to manage them are suggested. The patient is at the centre throughout. Short case examples and dilemmas from clinical settings ground the method in the reality of practice.


"The book is engaging and practical, written by professionals who have theoretical understanding of behavior change and more importantly, the wisdom that comes from years of facilitating positive behavior change in their patients. This book should be required reading for every health care professional." Mary Marden Velasquez Ph.D, University of Houston

something you can pick up and then use the next day? This is it! A fine little book, this is a must read for people working in the health care professions." David B Rosengren, Ph.D, University of Washington

invaluable resource for both the most seasoned primary health care professionals as well as students of clinical health psychology, medical social work, nurse education, and general medicine. Three cheers to Drs. Rollnick, Mason, and Butler!!" Gary Rose, Ph.D, Harvard School of Medicine

outstandingly helpful and practical book for health professionals ." William R Miller, Ph.D, University of New Mexico

absorbing book, written by a clinical psychologist, a nurse and a GP, challenges the ways in which we are taught to advise patients on health promotion matters and shows the doctor how such advice could be delivered more effectively." Dr Jeremy M Sager, familymedicine.co.uk

nuts and bolts of how to help patients change their behaviour from the experts an invaluable guide for counsellors who are increasingly asked to work with patients with chronic medical conditions." Dr Graham Curtis Jenkins, Director, Counselling in Primary Care Trust

thoughtful, practical guide that deserves to be read by a whole host of health practitioners. I am recommending it to my colleagues and students interested in health behaviour change as required reading." Carlo C Diclemente, Tobacco Control, vol 9

most exciting contribution is that it gives readers specific guidelines on how to apply theories to everyday practice. It is hard to imagine a reader who would come away from this book without concrete ideas on how to improve encounters with clients." Betsy D Foy and Scott T Walters, Health Promotion Practice, vol 2

For anyone who works with clients requiring some form of change to their lifestyle I can highly recommend this book. Its layout is very inviting to read and the content keeps you eager to read on and soak up the information, I found it hard to put down once opened! Amazon review

Key Features

Well accepted method.

Reflects professionals' current concerns with health promotion and effective use of time.

Highly respected authors.

Community focus.

Genuine international market.

Particularly relevant to US practice.

US spellings throughout.

New to this Edition

text revised and updated throughout to reflect developments in the field e.g. new studies that have been conducted since the first edition published

improved appearance with addition of a second colour and more modern page design to increase appeal

chapter summaries added to aid assimilation

more material relating to obesity

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A genuinely diverse range of health practitioners: primary care physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, community nurses, health visitors, dieticians, dental hygienists, cardiac nurses, general and psychiatric nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, health promoters, nutritionists, pharmacists, midwives, etc.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Stephen Rollnick, BSocSci(Hons), MSc, DipClinPsych, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer, Department of General Practice, University of Wales, College of Medicine, Cardiff, UK#error#Pip Mason, BSocSci(Hons), MSc, DipClinPsych, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer, Department of General Practice, University of Wales, College of Medicine, Cardiff, UK; Stephen Rollnick, BSc (Econ) MSocSc, Director of Pip Mason Consultancy Ltd. Birmingham, UK#error#Pip Mason, BSc (Econ) MSocSc, Director of Pip Mason Consultancy Ltd. Birmingham, UK and Christopher C Butler, BA, MBChB, DCH, FRCGP, MD, CCH, HonFFPHM, Professor of Primary Care Medicine, Cardiff University; Head of Dept. of Primary Care and Public Health and Vice Dean (Research), Cardiff University Clinical Epidemiology Interdisciplinary Research Group, Cardiff University Clinical Epidemiology Interdisciplinary Research Group

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