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The Nursing Process E-Book

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 978-0-7020-3951-5

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The Nursing Process E-Book

A Global Concept

Edited by Monika Habermann, PhD, RN and Leana Uys, DSocSc(Nursing), RN, RM

Copyright 2006
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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. THE NURSING PROCESS; A GLOBAL CONCEPT critically explores a concept that was introduced into nursing in the 1970s and rapidly spread all over the world. It begins with the background and history of the Nursing Process, and analyses its use in various fields, such as managerial technologies and psychiatric nursing. It then goes on to look at its use in six different countries from a variety of world regions - in Europe, Finland, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as South Africa, Australia and the Caribbean. It explores its strengths and weaknesses, and tries to make some predictions about future use. The book combines descriptions of the state-of-the-art based on extensive literature surveys, as well as analytical approaches. It creates opportunities for comparison, especially with regard to problem-solving strategies.

Key Features

  • Combines diverse perspectives of the core concept and its use
  • Provides international overviews as well as detailed country reports
  • Based on extensive literature surveys as well as analytical approaches
  • Creates opportunities for comparison especially with regard to problem-solving strategies

Author Information

Edited by Monika Habermann, PhD, RN, Professor of Nursing; Head of the Centre for Nursing Research and Counselling; Head of the International Study Programme for Nursing Management, Hochschule Bremen and Leana Uys, DSocSc(Nursing), RN, RM, Director of the WHO-Collaboration Centre, University of Kwazulu-Natal

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