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Law and Nursing E-Book

Butterworth-Heinemann Title
ISBN: 9780702037719

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Law and Nursing E-Book , 3rd Edition

By Jean McHale, Professor, LLB, MPhil and John Tingle, BA, Law(Hons), Cert Ed MEd Barrister

Copyright 2007
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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. The new and fully updated edition of this leading textbook places law in the context of nursing practice today. Recent developments examined include the Human Tissue Act 2004, which regulates the use of human material for research and transplantation purposes; the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which regulates treatment concerning patients lacking mental capacity; new developments in patient safety and risk management; and the revised NHS patient complaints system.


"Newly updated, this textbook provides a commentary on the areas of the law of interest to nurses.

Headings and questions with associated answers help the reader understand the principles being put forward. It is well referenced, chapter by chapter, and has suggestions for further reading.

This would be a useful first book for studying legal or professional issues in nursing. It is also recommended for those who have an understanding of the law and want to see how recent changes, for example, the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act, are affecting professional practice."

Senior Lecturer and academic lead, law in health care, University of Plymouth

Nursing Standard :: August 15 :: vol 21 no 49 :: 2007

Key Features

  • Up to date information on: The revised NHS patient complaints system; Human Tissue Act 2004; Mental Capacity Act 2005; and Developments in patient safety and risk management
  • Accessible, up to date account of the law and its application to nursing practice
  • Coverage of controversial subject areas such as assisted suicide
  • Information on nurse prescribing

New to this Edition

Up to date information on:
* Human Tissue Act 2004
* Mental Capacity Act 2005
* Developments in patient safety and risk management
* The revised NHS patient complaints system


Pre and post-qualification nurses undertaking courses with modules on law, clinical governance, risk management

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Jean McHale, Professor, LLB, MPhil, Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Leicester, UK; and John Tingle, BA, Law(Hons), Cert Ed MEd Barrister, Director, Centre for Health Law, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University, UK; Visiting Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago, IL

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