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Midwifery: Best Practice, Volume 2 E-Book

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ISBN: 978-0-7020-3758-0

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Midwifery: Best Practice, Volume 2 E-Book

By Sara Wickham, RM, MA, BA(Hons), PGCE(A)

Copyright 2004
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In an age where information is increasingly abundant and sometimes overwhelming, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with current thinking. This second volume of Midwifery: Best Practice provides a solution to this information overload by presenting essential discussions in an easy-to-read, accessible format. Edited by a well-known and respected lecturer in midwifery and published in association with The Practising Midwife and Midwifery — two leading midwifery journals — this unique compilation provides a wide range of articles, research, and stories covering topics from pregnancy to postnatal experiences. Presenting a succinct review of key issues within the profession, this user-friendly, practical, and convenient reference offers a broad selection of contributions that establish best practice and current thinking in midwifery.

Key Features

  • Concentrates on issues surrounding pregnancy and birth, including domestic violence and risk — two topical and sensitive issues within the profession and of interest to every midwife.
  • Provides easy-to-access information on the latest subjects relevant to midwifery.
  • Challenges existing ways of thinking, raises totally new ideas for consideration, and stimulates learning, debate and reflection.
  • Includes articles and papers that contain the best ideas, information, and evidence to inform midwifery practice.
  • Presents a page of questions in each section that can be used for group discussions or personal reflection on the issues raised.
  • Groups articles into nine sections that include an introduction and a summary with ideas for turning reading into professional development activities.

Author Information

By Sara Wickham, RM, MA, BA(Hons), PGCE(A), Independent Midwifery Lecturer and Consultant

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