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Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology E-Book

Saunders Ltd. Title
ISBN: 9780702037252

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Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology E-Book , 2nd Edition

Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology E-Book

Edited by Jill E. Maddison, BVSc, DipVetClinStud, PhD, FACVSc, MRCVS, Stephen Page, BSc(Vet), BVSc, DipVetClinStud, MVetClinStud, MAppSci(EnvTox), MACVSc and David Church, BVSc, PhD, MACVSc, ILTM, MRCVS

Copyright 2008
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Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology is a practical, clinically-oriented pharmacology text designed to provide the veterinary student and practitioner with all the relevant information needed when designing drug treatment regimens for pets in small animal veterinary practice. Comprehensively updated and revised, the second edition of this core text covers essential new information on drugs used in the management of a range of presenting conditions including heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias. For the second edition new authors, superb new illustrations and a second colour have all been introduced. With its unique approach combining a thorough understanding of the pharmacological action of drugs with a basic understanding of the relevant physiology and pathophysiology of systems and tissues affected, Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology continues to be an indispensable book for all veterinary students and practitioners.


This new textbook addresses clinical pharmacology in a useable and informative manner. It is a practical text that will appeal to both veterinary students and small animal practitioners. This book contains excellent information that will help clinicians adopt a rational approach to treatment strategies in their small animal patients. It offers good value for money and should be a great asset to any clinician wanting a better understanding of the drugs they prescribe as well as providing a useful and quick reference text on clinical pharmacology for the veterinary practice library.

Severine Tasker, European Society of Feline Medicine, Winter 2008


"This is a very useful book not only for practitioners but also for undergraduates and academics. It contains up to date information for the most commonly used drugs used in dogs and cats, with very good references that give the reader the opportunity to access to the last published material. It will be good to add Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology to our bookshelf."
The Veterinary Journal, 182 (2009)

Key Features

  • Organised by drug class in a uniform and detailed structure which means it is easy to locate key information on dose rates, routes of administration, drug interactions and special considerations at a glance

  • Key chapters based around treatment of disorders of particular body systems, eg cardiovascular and thyroid disorders

  • Essential introductory chapters covering pharmacokinetics, general pharmacological principles and adverse reactions for a thorough basic grounding in the subject

  • All authors are experienced clinicians and recognised experts in their field who bring a down to earth and practical approach to the text

Table of Contents
Author Information

Edited by Jill E. Maddison, BVSc, DipVetClinStud, PhD, FACVSc, MRCVS, Director of Professional Development, CPD Unit, Royal Veterinary College, North Mymms, Hertfordshire, UK; Stephen Page, BSc(Vet), BVSc, DipVetClinStud, MVetClinStud, MAppSci(EnvTox), MACVSc, Director, Advanced Veterinary Therapeutics - consultants in animal health - Berry, New South Wales, Australia; and David Church, BVSc, PhD, MACVSc, ILTM, MRCVS, Professor and Chair of Small Animal Studies, The Royal Veterinary College, Hawkshead, North Mymms, Hertfordshire, UK

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