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The Science and Clinical Application of Manual Therapy

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 978-0-7020-3387-2

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The Science and Clinical Application of Manual Therapy

Edited by Hollis H. King, DO PhD, Wilfrid Jänig, MD PhD and Michael M. Patterson, PhD

336 pages
Trim Size 7 7/16 X 9 11/16 in
Copyright 2011
$108.00, Hardcover, Reference

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The Science and Clinical Application of Manual Therapy is a multi-disciplinary, international reference book based on work by the top basic science researchers and clinical researchers in the area of Manual Therapy and Manual Medicine (MT/MM). The first book to bring together research on the benefits of MT/MM beyond the known effects on musculoskeletal disorders, it presents evidence of the benefit of MT/MM in treating systemic disorders such as asthma, heart rate dysfunction and GI disturbance.


"In my opinion the book has the potential to become an important reference for the scientific basis of manual therapy. It contains a wealth of information from the various disciplines and it presents the original concepts of osteopathic medicine."

European Journal of Pain, April 2011

Key Features

  • Authored by the leading multidisciplinary basic science and clinical researchers from throughout the world
  • Describes research confirming benefit of MT for musculoskeletal disorders (which helps provide a rational for greater utilization of manual therapy and reimbursement for this healthcare service)
  • Presents the latest findings on the beneficial effect of MT on systemic disorders including asthma, pneumonia, otitis media, heart rate dysfunction and GI disturbance
  • Critically assesses longstanding theoretical models of MT/MM mechanisms with respect to the current understanding of physiological and neurophysiological function
  • Explores the influences of psychological and cortical processes on the effects of MT/MM, including the effect of placebo
  • Uniquely presents research findings from all the manual therapy professions and scientists making the case for the benefits of MT
  • The symposium from which the book was derived was supported by the NIH National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Table of Contents
Author Information

Edited by Hollis H. King, DO PhD, Professor of Osteopathic Principles and Practice, AT Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona, USA; Wilfrid Jänig, MD PhD, Professor of Physiology, Physiologisches Institut, Universität Kiel, Germany and Michael M. Patterson, PhD, Professor of Osteopathic Principles and Practice (Retired), College of Osteopathic Medicine, Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA.

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