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Womens Sexual Health

Bailliere Tindall Title
ISBN: 9780702027628

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Women's Sexual Health , 3rd Edition

By Gilly Andrews, RGN, ENB, A08

622 pages
Trim Size 7 3/8 X 9 11/16 in
Copyright 2005
$81.95, Paperback, Reference

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Sexual health encompasses a broad range of interlinked mental, physical and emotional issues, reflecting how well-being, illness or a particular problem can influence a woman's sexuality and affect not only her but also her family, relationships, work and her own hopes and fears. Women's Sexual Health is a comprehensive reference and text book that holistically covers the full range of women's health issues from the young adolescent woman through to the post-menopausal woman. This book gives a holistic and balanced view of women's sexual well-being and of the inseparability of physical and mental health. The third edition of this successful book draws on a wealth of research and contributors' professional experience to provide a fully up-to-date and comprehensive textbook of women's sexual health.

Key Features

  • Comprehensively updated and referenced content on all aspects of women's health, reflecting the latest research and developments in current thinking
  • Advice on dealing with key ethical and moral issues and dilemmas
  • Case scenarios to illustrate particular situations
  • Sections in each chapter containing: learning objectives; ideas for personal and professional development; patient education points; useful resources and further reading lists

New to this Edition

  • All chapters comprehensively updated to reflect the latest research and developments in current thinking
  • Ideas for personal and professional development in each chapter
  • Patient education points in each chapter
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    O & G nurses, family planning nurses, midwives, community nurses

    Students and lecturers involved in the following types of courses:

    Any module that includes women's health subjects.
    Post registration: family planning, gynaecology, sexual health and genito-urinary medicine, psychosexual counselling courses, continence and management of incontinence courses.
    Courses for Nurse Practitioners, Health visitors and community nurses
    Courses organised by the RCN, e.g. Menopause and health
    Screening courses organised by the Marie Curie Cancer Care Foundation 

    Should also be marketed to GP practices as GPs may purchase one for the practice, rather than individuals

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Gilly Andrews, RGN, ENB, A08, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Family Planning, King's College Hospital; Menopause and PMS Clinic, The Lister Hospital, London, UK

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