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Complementary Therapies for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Bailliere Tindall Title
ISBN: 9780702023286

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Complementary Therapies for Pregnancy and Childbirth , 2nd Edition

By Denise Tiran, HonDUniv, FRCM, MSc, RM, PGCEA and Sue Mack, MSc, CQSW

328 pages
Trim Size 7 1/2 X 9 3/4 in
Copyright 2000
$71.95, Paperback, Reference

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There has been a rapid increase in the interest of safe complementary and alternative approaches to healthcare in pregnancy and childbirth. For those working in maternity care who seek the evidence base for therapeutic approaches, this book offers a comprehensive guide to the principles and practice of complementary therapies, and their application to expectant andnew mothers and their babies.

Key Features

  • History and background are given for each therapy, using a specifically midwifery perspective
  • Contraindications and appropriate conditions to treat are specified
  • Up-to-date research is included, as more research is available than ever before and so the midwife has to be able to make accurate assessments based on evidence.
  • Legislative and professional conduct issues are covered ,putting the information into a clear midwifery context and giving guidelines to enable the midwife to deal confidently with new therapeutic approaches

    New to this Edition

  • Comprehensively updated with new research studies where available
  • New chapters on chiropractic, hypnotherapy, Bach flower remedies, Alexander technique


    Student and qualified midwives

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Denise Tiran, HonDUniv, FRCM, MSc, RM, PGCEA, Chief Executive Office/Education Director, Expectancy, London; Visiting Professor, Qingdao Huikang School of Nursing, Shanghai, China and Sue Mack, MSc, CQSW, Ad Dip Counseling Therapist, Charter Nightingale Hospital, London, UK

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