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Neuropsychology for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780443101069

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Neuropsychology for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

By Chris Green

240 pages
Trim Size 6 1/8 X 9 3/16 in
Copyright 2007
$55.95, Paperback, Reference

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Neuropsychology offers a broad introduction to neuropsychology, functional neuroanatomy, neuropathology, clinical assessment, and the behavioural sequelae associated with neurological disturbance. It provides understanding of the common neurological disorders and enables informed choices in care. Important insight into differential diagnosis is given, as well as help to extend and support the health care role through an introduction to basic bed-side assessment techniques and their interpretation. It provides knowledge to assist health professionals in empowering patients in their recovery or rehabilitation and is an essential workplace manual.


“It is well structured with bite-size sections allowing one to dip in easily for reference. It is well illustrated with photographs, tables and diagrams. Each chapter ends with a brief summary and list of suggested further reading. There are sections on neuroanatomy, the specific investigations and assessments in this field and summaries of the various neurological disorders. The book ends with appendices describing the common drugs used, further information websites and a glossary. Overall an interesting read for any mental health nurse, certainly a book to get your hospital library to stock. “

July 2007 Vol10 no10 mental health practice p25

Key Features

  • Specifically targets nurses using their vocabulary and works from their perspective
  • Seeks to bridge the theory-practice gap and gives detailed clinical applications
  • Contains enough information to allow the reader to transfer skills learnt into the workplace, culminating in the possibility of carrying out simple bedside screen
  • Provides possible assessment and treatment approaches
  • A ‘one-stop' working resource book for this field
  • Covers a potentially complex subject in a logical and clinically relevant format

Table of Contents

1. What is neuropsychology?
2. Neuroanatomy
3. Functional Neuroanatomy
4. Neurological investigations
5. Emotional and psychological reactions
6. The neuropsychology of common disorders
7. Other disorders
8. Neurotoxicology
9. Recovery
10. Neuropsychological assessments
11. Initial assessment
Appendix i
Appendix ii

Author Information

By Chris Green, Neuropsychologist, Clinical Psychology Department, North Devon District Hospital, UK

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