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Pass the Preregistration Pharmacy Exam

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780443100840

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Pass the Preregistration Pharmacy Exam

By Chi-Loon Cheung, Mpharm(Hons), MRPharmS

264 pages
Copyright 2006
$54.95, Paperback, Reference

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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Covering the core aspects of the pharmacy curriculum, this book is designed to help pharmacist students prepare for the pre-registration exam of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) and other similar exams. This preparation is useful for exams across the world, including undergraduate exams and similar pre-registration exams. The book consists of over 400 multiple-choice questions with explanatory answers, as well as an introductory chapter on exam preparation and four useful appendixes of abbreviations and symbols used in pharmacy.

Key Features

  • Over 400 multiple-choice questions cover all the topics in the pre-registration exam of the RPSGB.
  • All questions are written in the style of the RPSGB exam.
  • Four types of multiple-choice questions are given, covering all three parts of the pre-registration RPSGB — all in the same style as the exam.
  • Questions are grouped according to core pharmacy topics.
  • Explanations are thorough and helpful.
  • Four appendices provide helpful summaries of abbreviations and symbols used in pharmacy.

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  • Pre-registration pharmacists preparing for qualifying exam
  • Pharmacy students preparing for similar undergraduate exams
  • Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Chi-Loon Cheung, Mpharm(Hons), MRPharmS, Community and Hospital Pharmacist, London, UK

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