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Qualitative Research in Evidence-Based Rehabilitation

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780443072314

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Qualitative Research in Evidence-Based Rehabilitation

By Karen Whalley Hammell, PhD, MSc, OT(C), DipCOT

168 pages
Copyright 2004
$71.95, Paperback, Reference

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This book provides an inexpensive and accessible discussion of qualitative research and the potential role for qualitative research in enhancing both the theoretical bases of occupational and physical therapy and the knowledge bases that inform evidence-based practice. It is a comprehensive text for students in the rehabilitation disciplines with examples drawn from research undertaken by physical therapists and occupational therapists. The book provides a resource for graduate students, researchers new to the field and to clinicians who seek a greater understanding of qualitative research and its use within the professions of occupational and physical therapy.Coverage and Orientation Occupational and physical therapists are being urged to adhere to "evidence-based practice" because clients and payers want services that are based on evidence that demonstrates their effectiveness. Qualitative Research in Rehabilitation : informing evidence-based practice will be a timely, practical and practice-related exploration of qualitative research, client-centred practice and evidence-based practice as these inter-relate and as they pertain to occupational and physical therapy.

Key Features

  • The material addresses a subject of increasing concern and relevance to therapists.
  • Thorough explanations demonstrate the relevance of qualitative research for evidence-based practice.
  • The text explores issues specific to the field of rehabilitation and focusses specifically on those important to OT and PT.
  • Information links theory, research and practice in an understandable way.
  • Resource effectively uses boxes and tables to highlight key packets of information
  • Illustrations of ''real'' research and practice examples aid the reader in applying their new-found knowledge to real-life issues.
  • The book is written in a readable style which makes the book accessible for students and non-academically minded practitioners.


Primary Market
Undergraduate and graduate students in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy; and researchers and clinicians in these disciplines in the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Europe (especially Scandinavia), Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Secondary Market
Undergraduate and graduate students, clinicians and researchers in the following disciplines:
Rehabilitation Nursing,
Social Work,
Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellors,
Students and researchers of "Disability Studies".

Potential Course Adoptions
This book is appropriate for courses pertaining to:
- Research methods (for occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, counselling programmes)
- Rehabilitation theory and client-centred practice
- Courses pertaining to evidence-based practice,
- The study of physical, developmental and psychiatric disabilities in socio-cultural context.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Karen Whalley Hammell, PhD, MSc, OT(C), DipCOT, Researcher and Writer, Saskatchewan, Canada

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