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Drugs and Pharmacology for Nurses

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780443060083

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Drugs and Pharmacology for Nurses , 13th Edition

By S. J. Hopkins

392 pages
Copyright 1999
$55.95, Paperback, Reference

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A lucid, clearly written guide to the actions and clinical applications of a very wide range of drugs in common use. It includes appendices on drug reactions, weights and measures, abbreviations, approved and brand names of drugs and a detailed glossary.


"A brief but concise revision of related physiology leads to comprehensive pharmacological listing, effects and dosages. At whatever stage of learning a person might be, I would anticipate there will be something in this book for them.

" A. Jenkin, Accident and Emergency Nursing, Vol. 8, August 2000


Pre and post registration nurses

Table of Contents
Author Information

By S. J. Hopkins, Consultant Pharmacologist, Honorary Consultant Pharmacist, Adenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK

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