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Successful Breastfeeding

Churchill Livingstone Title
ISBN: 9780443059674

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Successful Breastfeeding , 3rd Edition

By Royal College of Midwives

178 pages
Copyright 2002
$50.95, Paperback, Reference

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The new edition of this best selling handbook has been written to help midwives and other health professionals provide more effective advice and support for the breastfeeding women in their care. It offers clear, research-based, and effective guidelines to answer such questions as:

  • Why breastfeed?
  • How does a baby breastfeed?
  • How long and how often should feeds occur?
  • What is the correct positioning and attachment of the baby?
  • What factors are helpful or unhelpful in breastfeeding?
  • What other antenatal and postnatal considerations are there?
  • What if there are problems or special circumstances?
  • The third edition of Successful Breastfeeding has been compiled by the breastfeeding working group at the Royal College of Midwives, which comprises Sally Inch, Chloe Fisher, Sally Garforth, Ellena Salariya and Michael Woolridge, with contributions by Jean Rowe and Margaret Kerr.

    Key Features

  • Easy to access and easy to read a guide which gives immediate help and advice
  • Up to date with research and developments in this field a safe and helpful guide for health professionals
  • Authoritative has the backing of the Royal College of Midwives and draws directly on the knowledge and understanding of the most experienced professionals in this field.
  • New to this Edition

  • Updated throughout with the latest research
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    Midwives, health visitors and all nurses in community and hospital who come into contact with women with new born babies.

    Table of Contents
    Author Information

    By Royal College of Midwives

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