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Communication in Midwifery - E-Book

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ISBN: 9780323931014

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Communication in Midwifery - E-Book

Communication in Midwifery - E-Book

Edited by Tania Staras, BA, MA, PhD, RM, PGCHE, FHEA

Copyright 2024
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Kind, honest and open communication is at the heart of midwifery care and maternity practice, and is vital in providing safe, person-centred care.

This new book explores communication in midwifery from a range of perspectives and across different settings. It considers the theoretical and practical dimensions of communication, including how and why we communicate and who we communicate with. It uses case studies and practical examples to put ideas into real-world context and to explore topic areas in ways which are thought-provoking, accessible and useful to practitioners.

Above all, Communication in Midwifery supports midwives in developing their theoretical understanding around communication and building a practical toolkit of ideas and strategies for use in a range of settings and with diverse groups of people. It helps midwives and other caregivers in navigating the nuanced and complex situations they encounter every day where clear, honest and collaborative communication is vital.

Key Features

  • Covers communication in pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period; the use of written, verbal and non-verbal approaches; and complex scenarios where communication may be challenging, such as diverse groups, trauma and loss
  • Explores new methods of communicating, including the use of the internet and social media, and their benefits and challenges
  • Highlights the importance of communication between professions and ways this can be enhanced
  • Covers contemporary issues of consent, risk and safety in maternity care
  • Useful at all stages of a midwife’s career from undergraduate to qualified midwife

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Author Information

Edited by Tania Staras, BA, MA, PhD, RM, PGCHE, FHEA, Principal Lecturer in Midwifery,School of Health Sciences

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