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Assessing and Understanding ECGs - Elsevier E-Book on VitalSource

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ISBN: 9780323882064

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Assessing and Understanding ECGs - Elsevier E-Book on VitalSource

The ECG 10+ tool

By Karen TS Konings, MD, PhD, Robert TA Willemsen and Guusje JM Bertholet

Trim Size 7 1/2 X 9 1/5 in
Copyright 2024
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This new title is ideal for clinicians working in out-of-hospital settings who need to interpret electrocardiography safely and understand when to consult a cardiologist.

The book presents a new method, ECG10+, for assessing ECGs without missing relevant pathology. The method enables readers systematically and safely to read ECGs by addressing 10 ECG findings and linking them to the clinical presentation. The book covers indications and quality of assessment, how to undertake ECGs, explanations of equipment and assessment of the various types of ECG waves.

Assessing and Understanding ECGs is ideal for GPs, nurses and other healthcare workers who may need to make or interpret ECGs, as well as residents and clinicians working in hospital settings both in and outside cardiology.

Key Features

  • Logical and easy to follow – written in plain language for non-cardiology clinicians
  • Bespoke images specially created to support understanding
  • Unique and visually uniform translation from the heart function to the ECG-view enables the reader to thoroughly understand the ECG
  • Full explanation of the electrophysiological function of the heart and related PQRST-waves as seen on the 12-lead ECG (‘from pump to paper’)
  • Introduction and explanation of ECG10+ - a safe and systematic method to assess ECGs quickly and thoroughly
  • Simple checklist to facilitate ECG interpretation in daily practice
  • 61 case studies describe highly relevant clinical ECG-related problems in out-of-hospital situations, for practising theory and the ECG10+ method
  • Summaries and reference chapter provide a concise overview

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Advanced practitioners (ACPs) and Nurse Practitioners who have a requirement to assess ECGs, particularly those working in a primary care setting.

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Karen TS Konings, MD, PhD, General practitioner, specialised in cardiovascular disease; Robert TA Willemsen, General practitioner, specialized in cardiovascular disease and Guusje JM Bertholet, Medical illustrator

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