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Potter and Perrys Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing - E-Book

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ISBN: 9780323870665

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Potter and Perry's Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing - E-Book , 7th Edition

Potter and Perry's Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing - E-Book

By Barbara J. Astle, RN, PhD, FCAN, Wendy Duggleby, RN, PhD, Patricia A. Potter, RN, PhD, FAAN, Anne G. Perry, RN, MSN, EdD, FAAN, Patricia A. Stockert, RN, BSN, MS, PhD and Amy Hall, RN, BSN, MS

1568 pages
Trim Size 8 3/4 X 11 1/16 in
Copyright 2024
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Get the solid foundation you need to practise nursing in Canada! Potter & Perry's Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, 7th Edition covers the nursing concepts, knowledge, research, and skills that are essential to professional nursing practice in Canada. The text’s full-colour, easy-to-use approach addresses the entire scope of nursing care, reflecting Canadian standards, culture, and the latest in evidence-informed care. New to this edition are real-life case studies and a new chapter on practical nursing in Canada. Based on Potter & Perry’s respected Fundamentals text and adapted and edited by a team of Canadian nursing experts led by Barbara J. Astle and Wendy Duggleby, this book ensures that you understand Canada’s health care system and health care issues as well as national nursing practice guidelines.

Key Features

  • More than 50 nursing skills are presented in a clear, two-column format that includes steps and rationales to help you learn how and why each skill is performed.
  • The five-step nursing process provides a consistent framework for care, and is demonstrated in more than 20 care plans.
  • Nursing care plans help you understand the relationship between assessment findings and nursing diagnoses, the identification of goals and outcomes, the selection of interventions, and the process for evaluating care.
  • Planning sections help nurses plan and prioritize care by emphasizing Goals and Outcomes, Setting Priorities, and Teamwork and Collaboration.
  • More than 20 concept maps show care planning for clients with multiple nursing diagnoses.
  • UNIQUE! Critical Thinking Model in each clinical chapter shows you how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking to provide the best care for patients.
  • UNIQUE! Critical Thinking Exercises help you to apply essential content.
  • Coverage of interprofessional collaboration includes a focus on patient-centered care, Indigenous peoples’ health referencing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report, the CNA Code of Ethics, and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) legislation.
  • Evidence-Informed Practice boxes provide examples of recent state-of-the-science guidelines for nursing practice.
  • Research Highlight boxes provide abstracts of current nursing research studies and explain the implications for daily practice.
  • Patient Teaching boxes highlight what and how to teach patients, and how to evaluate learning.
  • Learning objectives, key concepts, and key terms in each chapter summarize important content for more efficient review and study.
  • Online glossary provides quick access to definitions for all key terms.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Up-to-date content includes Canadian statistics, research, references and resources, guidelines including the 2019 Canada’s Food Guide, and 2020 Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines, assessment and screening tools, and topics such as Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act), PICOT, COVID-19, and pandemic preparedness.
  • NEW! UNIQUE! Real-life case studies include review questions, allowing you to critically apply what you have learned to the nursing role and to the implementation of care.
  • NEW! Practical Nursing in Canada chapter is added to this edition.
  • NEW! Revised chapters include an introduction to licensure examinations in Canada for RNs (NGN-RN®) and CPNRE® and REx-PN® for PNs, as well as an explanation of the NCSBN Clinical Judgement Model.
  • NEW photos capture the latest updates in Canadian nursing skills and equipment and show how to perform nursing techniques.
  • Expanded content is included throughout the text on health disparities, vulnerability, intersectionality, and social determinants of health.
  • NEW! Customized tools — both in the text and on the Evolve website — encourage the development of clinical reasoning and judgement, helping you succeed on the Next Generation NCLEX®, REx-PN®, and CPNRE®.
  • NEW! NGN-RN® book-specific case studies are provided on Evolve.

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11,000 university RN Students / 7,000 college PN Students in Canada

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Barbara J. Astle, RN, PhD, FCAN, Professor, School of Nursing; Director, MSN Program, Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia; Wendy Duggleby, RN, PhD, Professor/ATS Lecturer; Associate Dean Research and Nursing Research Chair Aging and Quality of Life; Director Innovations in Seniors Care Research Unit, Faculty of Nursing Level 3, Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta ; Patricia A. Potter, RN, PhD, FAAN, Director of Research,Patient Care Services,Barnes-Jewish Hospital,St. Louis, Missouri ; Anne G. Perry, RN, MSN, EdD, FAAN, Professor Emerita,School of Nursing,Southern Illinois University,Edwardsville, Illinois ; Patricia A. Stockert, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, President of the College, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, Illinois. and Amy Hall, RN, BSN, MS, Professor and Dean, School of Nursing, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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