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Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology - E-Book

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ISBN: 9780323832175

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Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology - E-Book , 5th Edition

By Ann Wortinger , BIS, LVT, VTS (ECC) (SAIM) (Nutrition), Elite FFCP

896 pages
Trim Size 8 3/4 X 11 1/16 in
Copyright 2024
$104.99, Online Product, Reference

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Key Features

  • Step-by-step procedures include instructions for all AVMA-required psychomotor techniques, presenting complex procedures clearly and preparing you to master the essential skills required to become a successful veterinary technician.
  • Clinical discussions clearly delineate the technician’s role, enabling you to focus on your roles and responsibilities in every aspect of practice.
  • Summary tables and boxes throughout the text condense complex, vital information, drawing your attention to key information and making it easy to understand.

New to this Edition

  • Thoroughly updated content throughout, including major updates to anesthesia, pain management, critical care, and infectious disease, provides the most up-to-date information in these critical areas.

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Veterinary technology students IPEDS 2017 data indicates: 22,192 total enrollment • 11,243 students in public and private nonprofit institutions • 10,949 students in private, for-profit institutions

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Ann Wortinger , BIS, LVT, VTS (ECC) (SAIM) (Nutrition), Elite FFCP

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