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HIPAA Online (Access Card)

Saunders Title
ISBN: 978-0-323-79282-0

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HIPAA Online (Access Card) , 5th Edition


Copyright 2022
$51.99, Online Course, Reference

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Master all the dos and don’ts of HIPAA compliance! HIPAA Online, 5th Edition helps you learn current HIPAA regulations and shows how they apply to the healthcare setting. Consisting of brief, interactive lessons, this online course simplifies core HIPAA principles and ensures that you have the knowledge needed to protect the privacy of medical records and sensitive patient information. Case studies and compliance activities reinforce your understanding of HIPAA’s privacy rules and protocols. Finish the course, and a certificate of completion proves your HIPAA proficiency to prospective employers!

Key Features

  • Overview of HIPAA protocols for various health professions summarizes the procedures specific to different practice settings.
  • What Have You Learned? quizzes at the end of each lesson assess your understanding and help you identify areas requiring further review.
  • Easy-to-use modules consist of lessons segmented into manageable chunks of information, allowing you to learn the material at your own pace.
  • Printable certificate of completion may be used to demonstrate your HIPAA proficiency to prospective healthcare employers.
  • Learning activities and case studies make it easier to master difficult material and apply HIPAA concepts to the healthcare setting.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! HIPAA updates on patient privacy include the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, additional requirements of HITECH regulations, standards relating to data breaches, and regulations prohibiting the sale of protected health information and for its use in marketing or fundraising.
  • NEW! Coverage of social media describes how improper use of these platforms can compromise patient information and result in noncompliance.
  • NEW! Additional coverage of patient health information (PHI) addresses the use and disclosure of information on mental health conditions, drug and alcohol abuse patients, HIV patients, and for protecting public health.

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