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LoBiondo-Wood and Habers Nursing Research in Canada

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ISBN: 9780323778985

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LoBiondo-Wood and Haber's Nursing Research in Canada , 5th Edition

Methods, Critical Appraisal, and Utilization

By Mina D. Singh, RN, RP, BSc, BScN, MEd, PhD, I-FCNEI, Lorraine Thirsk, RN, PhD, Sarah Stahlke, BScN, MHSA, PhD, Ramesh Venkates Perumal, RN, MSc(N), CCNE, CNCC®, PhD, Geri LoBiondo-Wood, PhD, RN, FAAN and Judith Haber, PhD, RN, FAAN

656 pages
Trim Size 7 1/2 X 9 1/4 in
Copyright 2022
$93.99, Paperback, Reference

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Learn how to better understand and apply research to your everyday practice with LoBiondo-Wood and Haber’s Nursing Research in Canada: Methods, Critical Appraisal, and Utilization, 5th Edition. Written by an all-star team of educators and research experts from Canada and the US, this thoroughly updated text is the perfect resource to help ground you in the processes behind nursing research and evidence-informed practice. This edition features new research examples that reflect the most current Canadian studies, fresh vignettes, easy-to-use navigation tools, enhanced readability, and well-balanced coverage of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Key Features

  • Balanced-but-distinct coverage of both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to nursing research acquaints students with the processes behind research and evidence-informed practice.
  • Complete, high-quality research examples, including four new sample critiques, demonstrate how to apply the judgement and reasoning principles outlined in the text to published quantitative and qualitative research studies.
  • Research Vignettes introduce students to real-world practitioners of nursing research and help bridge the gaps among clinical research, academia, and clinical practice. Vignettes cover timely topics facing Canadian nurses such as immunization, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), medical cannabis, public health, Indigenous health and nursing, and rural and remote nursing.
  • Effective learning aids in every chapter include Key Terms, Learning Outcomes, Research Hints, Evidence-Informed Practice Tips, Appraising the Evidence, Critiquing Criteria, Critique of a Research Study, Critical Thinking Decision Paths, Critical Thinking Challenges, Critical Judgement Questions, and Key Points

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Part 2: Indigenous Peoples: Research, Knowledges, and Ways of Knowing introduces students to the history and significance of colonization as it relates to how Indigenous peoples have been affected by, and are affecting, nursing and health research.
  • NEW! Inclusion of Indigenous Research Methods and application to the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee.
  • NEW! All-new research examples and vignettes demonstrate the most current, high-quality published studies to exemplify the work of prominent nurse-researchers and to encourage the development of clinical reasoning and judgement.
  • NEW! Critical judgement-focused practice questions in the printed text, accompanying study guide, and companion Evolve website promote critical thinking and prepare students for exam licensure.
  • NEW! Glossary of key terms at the end of the book gives students quick access to all new key terms.

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11,000 2nd and 3rd year university RN Students

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Mina D. Singh, RN, RP, BSc, BScN, MEd, PhD, I-FCNEI, Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, York University, Toronto, Ontario; Lorraine Thirsk, RN, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Disciplines, Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta; Sarah Stahlke, BScN, MHSA, PhD, Adjunct Professor/Associate Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta; Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Health Disciplines, Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta; Ramesh Venkates Perumal, RN, MSc(N), CCNE, CNCC®, PhD; Geri LoBiondo-Wood, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Director of PhD Nursing Program, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, School of Nursing, Nursing Systems and Technology, Houston, Texas and Judith Haber, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor Emerita, Executive Director, Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice (OHNEP) Program, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, New York University, New York, New York

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