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Atlas of Wound Healing

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780323709378

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Atlas of Wound Healing

A Tissue Engineering Approach

By Soheila S Kordestani

Copyright 2019
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Atlas of Wound Healing: A Tissue Regeneration Approach presents a variety of wounds with diverse ethnicities and etiologies. The content is translational in nature, straddling the disciplines of bioengineering and clinical medicine. Part 1 showcases the latest wound healing methods and treatment plans based on tissue regeneration. Part 2 features patient case reports that illustrate different types of wounds in varying sizes, stages, and initial conditions, as well as concise treatment protocols.

Key Features

  • Describes the principles of wound and tissue healing
  • Offers comprehensive visual case reporting for varied patient backgrounds
  • Provides to-the-point treatment protocols based on a tissue regeneration approach

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By Soheila S Kordestani

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