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Handbook of Perioperative and Procedural Patient Safety

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780323674843

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Handbook of Perioperative and Procedural Patient Safety

Edited by Juan A Sanchez, MD, Robert S. D. Higgins, MD, MSHA and Paula S. Kent, DrPH, MSN, MBA, RN, CPPS

400 pages
Copyright 2024
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Offering a concise yet comprehensive review of current practices in surgery and patient safety, Handbook of Perioperative and Procedural Patient Safety is an up-to date, practical resource for practicing surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical nurses, hospital administrators, and surgical office staff. Edited by Drs. Juan A. Sanchez and Robert S. D. Higgins and authored by expert contributors from Johns Hopkins, it provides an expansive look at the scope of the problem, causes of error, minimizing errors, surgical suite and surgical team design, patient experience, and other related topics.

Key Features

  • Presents the knowledge and experience of a multidisciplinary team from Johns Hopkins University, which created the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP), an approach for improving safety culture and engaging frontline clinicians to identify and mitigate defects in care delivery.
  • Discusses the scope and prevalence of perioperative harm, causes of error in healthcare, and perioperative never events.
  • Covers safe practices, cognitive workload and fatigue, and the effects of noise in the OR.
  • Includes several team-based chapters such as the dynamics of surgical teams, safer perioperative team communication, and the culture of safety.
  • Consolidates today’s available information and guidance into a single, convenient resource.

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Table of Contents
Author Information

Edited by Juan A Sanchez, MD, Department of Surgery, Saint Mary's Hospital, Waterbury, CT, USA; Robert S. D. Higgins, MD, MSHA, The William Stewart Halsted Professor, Chair and Surgeon-in-Chief, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Department of Surgery, Baltimore, Maryland and Paula S. Kent, DrPH, MSN, MBA, RN, CPPS, Patient Safety Specialist, Global Collaborations, TeamSTEPPS Program Lead, Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

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