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Textbook of Histology E-Book

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ISBN: 9780323672740

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Textbook of Histology E-Book , 5th Edition

Textbook of Histology E-Book

By Leslie P. Gartner, PhD

Copyright 2021
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Textbook of Histology, 5th Edition, brings you up to date with all that’s new in the field, while providing a solid foundation in the basic science and clinical application of cellular and molecular biology. Concise and highly illustrated, it functions as both a text and a histology laboratory guide and remains the only histology textbook that includes laboratory exercises for nearly every chapter.

Key Features

• Numerous new clinical observations illustrate the importance of histology to clinical practice.
• More than 170 photomicrographs as well as new drawings, and histology laboratory instructions in most chapters have been added to this edition.
• Greatly revised content includes new findings in cellular and molecular biology such as the newly discovered endoplasmic reticulum-shaping proteins, the abundance of stem cells in adipose tissue, the phases of Alzheimer’s disease and the role of the newly discovered glymphatic system in slowing the progression of the disease, and developments in the microbiome.
• More quick-reference tables have been added to summarize information discussed in the text.
• A combination of USMLE-style questions and image-based questions are found in each chapter of the digital edition

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Undergraduate medical students, dental students

Table of Contents
Author Information

By Leslie P. Gartner, PhD, Professor of Anatomy (Ret.), Department of Biomedical Sciences, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland

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