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Preoperative Patient Evaluation, An Issue of Anesthesiology Clinics

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 978-0-323-64309-2

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Preoperative Patient Evaluation, An Issue of Anesthesiology Clinics

By Zdravka Zafirova and Richard Urman, MD

Copyright 2018
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A title in the The Clinics: Internal Medicine Series.




This issue of Anesthesiology Clinics focuses on Preoperative Patient Evaluation and is edited by Dr. Zdravka Zafirova and Dr. Richard Urman. Article topics include: Designing and Running a Preoperative Clinic; Preoperative Laboratory Testing; Patients with Cardiac Disease Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery; Preoperative Evaluation and Estimation of Pulmonary Risk; Stratification and Risk Reduction of Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury; Anticoagulants and Hematologic Disorders and Anemia; Nutrition and Prehabilitation; Perioperative Management of Diabetes and Other Endocrine Conditions; Preoperative Management of the Geriatric Patient, including Frailty and Cognitive Impairment Assessment; Management of Challenging Pharmacological Issues, including Chronic Pain and Substance Abuse Disorders; Assessment of the Pregnant Patient; Genomics Testing and Personalized Medicine in the Preoperative Setting; Shared Decision Making; Preoperative Management of Medications; Perioperative Surgical Home Models; and Preoperative Evaluation of the Pediatric Patient.

Author Information

By Zdravka Zafirova and Richard Urman, MD, Director, Hospital Procedural Sedation Management, Instructor-In-Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School, Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Massachusetts

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