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Clinical Calculations

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 978-0-323-62547-0

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Clinical Calculations , 9th Edition

With Applications to General and Specialty Areas

By Joyce LeFever Kee, MS, RN, Sally M. Marshall, RN, MSN, Mary Catherine Forrester, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC and Kathryn Woods, RN, BSN, DNP-C

432 pages
Trim Size 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 in
Copyright 2021
$124.00, Paperback, Reference

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Learn to calculate drug dosages safely, accurately, and easily with Kee’s Clinical Calculations, 9th Edition! This market-leading text covers all four major drug calculation methods, including ratio & proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis. It also includes practice problems for both general care as well as specialty areas such as pediatrics, labor and delivery, critical care, and community nursing. With its market-leading, comprehensive coverage; strong emphasis on patient safety; and the incorporation of the latest information on antidiabetic agents, anticoagulant agents, drug administration techniques, and devices; Kee remains the winning choice for easy drug calculation mastery.

Key Features

  • Coverage of all four major drug calculation methods includes ratio & proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis to help you learn and apply the method that works best for you.
  • The latest information on drug administration techniques and devices helps you master the most up-to-date techniques of drug administration, including oral, intravenous, intra-muscular, subcutaneous, and other routes.
  • Caution boxes provide alerts to problems or issues related to various drugs and their administration.
  • Information on infusion pumps covers enteral, single, multi-channel, PCA, and insulin; and explains their use in drug administration.
  • Calculations for Specialty Areas section addresses the drug calculations needed to practice in pediatric, critical care, labor and delivery, and community settings.
  • Detailed, full-color photos and illustrations show the most current equipment for IV therapy, the latest types of pumps, and the newest syringes.
  • Comprehensive post-test lets you test your knowledge of key concepts from the text.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Updated information on Antidiabetic Agents (orals and injectables) has been added throughout the text where appropriate.
  • NEW! Updated content on Anticoagulant Agents is housed in an all-new chapter.
  • NEW! Colorized abbreviations for the four methods of calculation (BF, RP, FE, and DA) appear in the Example Problems sections.
  • NEW! Updated content and patient safety guidelines throughout the text reflects the latest practices and procedures.
  • NEW! Updated practice problems across the text incorporate the latest drugs and dosages.

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By Joyce LeFever Kee, MS, RN, Associate Professor Emerita, School of Nursing, College of Health Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware; Sally M. Marshall, RN, MSN, Nursing Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office and Medical Center, Wilmington, DE; Mary Catherine Forrester, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC and Kathryn Woods, RN, BSN, DNP-C

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