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Global Health and Pathology, An Issue of the Clinics in Laboratory Medicine

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780323581585

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Global Health and Pathology, An Issue of the Clinics in Laboratory Medicine

By Dan Milner, MD

Copyright 2018
$127.99, Hardcover, Reference

A title in the The Clinics: Internal Medicine Series.

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This issue of Clinics in Laboratory Medicine, edited by Dr. Dan Milner, will focus on Global Health and Pathology. Topics include, but are not limited to: Clinical Laboratory Volunteerism, Pathologists Overseas; Anatomic Pathology Volunteerism; Funding Strategies in Research and Global Pathology; Diagnostics for Cancer and Health Systems building through pathology laboratories; Training the next pathologists in global health; Maximizing internet resources for improving pathology/lab medicine in LMICs; Pathology-based research in Africa; HIV and Cancer: Role of Pathology in success; Lymphoma and Pathology in Africa: Current approaches and future diagnostics; Laboratory Capacity as a tool for building health systems; Building Cross Country Networks for Laboratory Capacity and improvement; Lab accreditation; Practical success in Telepathology experiences in Africa; Pathology and WHO vision of the future of LMICs; Breast Cancer in LMICs: Why we need pathology and clinical trial capability to solve this challenge; Cytopathology in LMICs: why and how to integrate to capacitate healthcare; and Biorepositories and Data Cores for Research in Global Health.

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Table of Contents

Global Health and Pathology Table of Contents

Preface: Pathology: Central and Essential

Laboratories as the Core for Health Systems Building

Voices from the Field: Interviews with Global Health Pathology Volunteers

Global Health Pathology Research: Purpose and Funding

Training the Next Generation of African Pathologists

From Access to Collaboration: Four African Pathologists Profile Their Use of the Internet and Social Media

Pathology-Based Research in Africa

Lymphoma and Pathology in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Approaches and Future Directions

Building Laboratory Capacity to Strengthen Health Systems: The Partners In Health Experience

Building Cross-Country Networks for Laboratory Capacity and Improvement

Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation, A Model Program for Pathology Laboratory Improvement

Practical Successes in Telepathology Experiences in Africa

World Health Organization List of Priority Medical Devices for Cancer Management to Promote Universal Coverage

Breast Cancer in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Why We Need Pathology Capability to Solve This Challenge

Cytopathology in Low Medical Infrastructure Countries: Why and How to Integrate to Capacitate Health Care

Biospecimens and Biobanking in Global Health

Author Information

By Dan Milner, MD, American Society for Clinical Pathology

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