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Contemporary Challenges in Sudden Cardiac Death, An Issue of Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics

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ISBN: 9780323552691

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Contemporary Challenges in Sudden Cardiac Death, An Issue of Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics

By Mohammad Shenasa, MD , N.A. Mark Estes III , MD and Gordon F. Tomaselli, MD

Copyright 2017
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A title in the The Clinics: Internal Medicine Series.




This issue of Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics, edited by Drs. Mohammad Shenasa, N. A. Mark Estes III, and Gordon F. Tomaselli, will cover Contemporary Challenges in Sudden Cardiac Death. Topics covered in this issue include Pathophysiology; Basic electrophysiological mechanism; Channelopathy and Myopathy as causes of sudden cardiac death; Public access to defibrillation; Sudden cardiac death in children adolescence; Sudden cardiac death in specific cardiomyopathies; Ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death; lessons learned from cardiac implantable rhythm devices; future directions, and more.

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Table of Contents

Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinics

Contemporary Challenges in Sudden Cardiac Death

Foreword: Sudden Cardiac Death: Back to the Future

Preface: Sudden Cardiac Death: Contemporary Challenges

Sudden Cardiac Death: Interface Between Pathophysiology and Epidemiology

Basic Electrophysiologic Mechanisms of Sudden Cardiac Death Caused by Acute Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction

Channelopathies as Causes of Sudden Cardiac Death

Public Access Defibrillation: Is This Making Any Difference? Controversial Issues in Resuscitation from Cardiac Arrest

Sudden Cardiac Death During Sports Activities in the General Population

Sudden Cardiac Death in Children and Adolescents

Sudden Cardiac Death in Genetic Cardiomyopathies

Electrocardiographic Markers of Sudden Cardiac Death (Including Left Ventricular Hypertrophy)

Prediction and Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death

Role of Cardiac Imaging in Evaluating Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death

Biomarkers to Predict Cardiovascular Death

Cardiac Innervation and the Autonomic Nervous System in Sudden Cardiac Death

Sudden Cardiac Death in Ischemic Heart Disease: Pathophysiology and Risk


Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death

Heart Failure and Sudden Cardiac Death

Sudden Cardiac Death in Acute Coronary Syndromes

Neuromuscular Disease: Cardiac Manifestations and Sudden Death Risk

Sudden Cardiac Death: Lessons Learned from Cardiac Implantable Rhythm Devices

Primary Prevention Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator Trials: What Have We Learned?

The Subcutaneous Defibrillator

Future Directions: Management of Sudden Cardiac Death

Author Information

By Mohammad Shenasa, MD , Department of Cardiovascular Services, O’Conner Hospital, Heart & Rhythm Medical Group, San Jose CA; N.A. Mark Estes III , MD, Tufts University School of Medicine and Gordon F. Tomaselli, MD, Executive Vice President; Chief Academic Officer; Dean Montefiore Medicine; Professor, Department of Medicine Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, Bronx, New York

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