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All-in-One Nursing Care Planning Resource

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ISBN: 9780323532006

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All-in-One Nursing Care Planning Resource , 5th Edition

Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity, and Psychiatric-Mental Health

By Pamela L. Swearingen and Jacqueline Wright

816 pages
Trim Size 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 in
Copyright 2019
$83.99, Paperback, Reference

Availability:New edition due. 11/20/23.

New Edition Forthcoming


Introducing a plan for success with the only nursing care planning reference book for all core clinical areas! Swearingen's All-In-One Nursing Care Planning Resource, 5th Edition, features over 100 care plans including medical-surgical, maternity/OB, pediatrics, and psychiatric?mental health to help you care for patients in any setting. This new edition is the first in the market to include a unique, interprofessional, "patient problem" focus that teaches students how to speak to patients in conversational terms rather than in nursing-specific language. New non–medical-surgical care plans and updated content throughout reflect the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines for national and international clinical practice. Plus, with its clear approach, easy-to-use format, and straightforward rationales, you can use this one book throughout their entire nursing curriculum!

Key Features

  • Bolded and highlighted Safety Icons corresponds to the safety competency of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative for easier recognition.
  • Care plans for all four major clinical areas include medical-surgical, OB/maternity, pediatric, and psychiatric-mental health nursing care plans. 
  • A consistent format for each care plan enables you to perform faster searches, with headings for Overview/Pathophysiology, Health Care Setting, Assessment, Diagnostic Tests, Patient Problems, Desired Outcomes, Interventions with Rationales, and Patient-Family Teaching and Discharge Planning.
  • Prioritized patient problems are listed in order of importance and physiologic patient needs.
  • Detailed rationales for each nursing intervention help you apply concepts to specific patient situations in clinical practice.
  • Full-color design makes the book more user friendly and includes color-coded tabs and improved cross-referencing and navigation aids for faster information retrieval.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! UNIQUE! Interprofessional "patient problems" focus familiarizes you with how to speak to patients and other medical colleagues in the consistent interprofessional language of "patient problems," rather than the nursing-specific language of nursing diagnosis.
  • NEW! Care plans helps you to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, or intersex patient.
  • NEW! Updated content throughout reflects the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines and national and international clinical practice guidelines.

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Table of Contents
Author Information

By Pamela L. Swearingen, Special Project Editor, Grand Rapids, MN and Jacqueline Wright

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