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Nursing Key Topics Review: Mental Health

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780323524858

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Nursing Key Topics Review: Mental Health

By Elsevier Inc

Copyright 2018
$39.99, Online Product, Reference



Key Features

  • Emphasis on critical, practical, and relevant information allows you to study mental health nursing efficiently and effectively.
  • NCLEX® exam-style review questions include answers and rationales, allowing you to assess your understanding and retention of the material.
  • Audio summaries on a mobile web app make it easy to review anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick-access format reflects what you want — the most essential content sprinkled with review questions.
  • Mnemonics help you to remember key information.
  • Bulleted points are easy to read or scan through, allowing for quick comprehension.
  • Tables and illustrations summarize and depict important concepts.

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By Elsevier Inc

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