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Elsevier’s Student Code of Conduct

Elsevier Title
ISBN: 9780323484077

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Elsevier’s Student Code of Conduct

Fostering Civility and Academic Integrity

By Elsevier

Copyright 2019
$38.95, Online Course, Reference




Get the background you need to be a good academic citizen! Elsevier’s Student Code of Conduct: Fostering Civility and Academic Integrity is a brief, self-directed online course that provides you with an in-depth understanding of academic integrity. The course begins with a detailed explanation of what ethical student behavior is—and isn’t—before delving into some of the most common pitfalls including issues of academic integrity, civility, and responsible use of social media. Case studies based on a real-life examples help you understand how seemingly simple decisions can lead to real problems – possibly preventing you from graduating, hurting future job prospects, or even harming the patients you are learning to care for. The course features straightforward explanations of the "right" and "wrong" approaches to various situations you may encounter, along with discussions of the often-murky gray area in between. Reviewed by a group of educators from a wide selection of nursing and health professions, there’s no better way to fully understand what’s expected of you in school and in your career.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Unique! Content presented in five modules which cover all aspects of being an ethical student, including academic civility, honesty, and responsible use of social media.
  • NEW! Unique! Case studies based on real-life issues promote an awareness of the importance of the content—and the consequences of ignoring it.
  • NEW! Unique! Interactive learning activities help you engage with the content and apply concepts you’ve learned.

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